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Problem Solved Acceptance Speech

Problem Solved (7 minutes; 2011; writer, director, editor)


  • Grand Recognition Award, Middle School (San Diego County iVIE Film Festival)

The Wonders of the Light Bulb (4 minutes; 2012; co-writer, director, editor)


  • Nomination, Grades 6-8 Language Arts/Humanities (San Diego County iVIE Film Festival)


Queer Parking Acceptance Speech

Queer Parking  (5 minutes; 2013; writer, director, editor)


  • Grades 9-12 Fiction Category Award (San Diego County iVIE Film Festival)


Islam (A Trip to the Mosque) (7 minutes; 2014; writer, director, editor)


  • Nomination, Grades 9-12 Non-Fiction (San Diego County iVIE Film Festival)

Media Arts Center San Diego --

Young Filmmaker Grand Recognition Award

Presented to Dylan Rohn on October 10, 2015

Teen Producers Project Film Awards

I Am Not a Dummy (6 minutes; 2014)



One Day in San Diego -- Before I Die Wall (5 minutes; 2014)



Career Path (7 minutes; 2014)

  • Maverick Award, 2015 All American High School Film Festival                   List of winners here                                                                                                              

  • First Place High School Category, 2015 California Preservation Foundation's San Diego Youth Art Contest                                                    

  • Official Selection, 2015 All American High School Film Festival, New    York, NY                                                                                                                      

  • Official Selection, 2015 RYSE Truth be Told: Justice Through My Eyes Film Festival, Richmond, CA                                                                                               

  • Best Narrative, 2014 Youth On! Film Festival, Madison, WI 


For a more complete list of TPP films and links to those films, please see Filmography page

Dylan Rohn, 2011

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